Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have mentioned our new residence and one reality of community living. Our neighbours’ habits are much closer to us now than when we lived on a quiet street in a detached home on a quarter acre lot. Curiously it seems to us now, on that entire street only one couple were smokers. They smoked on their porches rather than inside their own homes. We now live in a complex in which we are astonished by the high proportion of people who smoke who reside in our complex. I have commented before about repugnant second-hand smoke blowing around our corner unit. We are making the best of a foul circumstance.

During one of our more creative interactions, Christine volunteered an inspired plan to solve our clean air deficit.  Christine and I researched and located a Cola tasting liquid herbal remedy for the craving for nicotine and since Christine bakes delectable cakes, she has added the remedy into her cake ingredients. It evokes an appealing aroma and delectable flavour. The additive affects the body chemistry as it goes directly to the brain and the body rejects the taste of tobacco. We have been delivering these cakes to all of our smoking neighbours and the smoke has been significantly reduced. Our former smoking neighbours adore the cakes and ask for more, offering to pay. They have no idea why they now find smoking distasteful.

Of course they don't look like this
Although it began as an experiment, we consider it to have been so successful that we have applied for a patent on the baking formula as well as negotiated a contractual agreement with the supplier of the remedial herbal liquid. We have obtained a bank loan to finance the manufacture of packaged cake and cookie mixes we are calling Bon Gateau. These will be marketed as culinary therapy to quit smoking. With the spike in our income we are going to sell this place, purchase a condo along Marine Drive in White Rock, a waterfront home in Tahiti and an apartment in rural France.

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