Sunday, June 22, 2014


Father's Day was held two weekends ago. I think of it now because of photos that I took at the time.
Father's Day is no longer about me. Within the small circle of our family are two other families, Jeff's family and Cari's family. Jeff & Gina have Kale and Kadence, and Cari and Tim have Kailyn, Ryan and Jayden. Jeff and Tim are the dads that the children honour. Of course Jeff and Cari speak kindly about me too. This year, Cari invited us all to her place for Sunday lunch. The five grandchildren love being with each other and that makes these occasions special for us all.

The t-shirt is one which Cari printed for me, which honours my role in this grand escapade and names the five amigos.

At Cari's town home in a strata environment, most landscaping is taken care of by contracted gardeners. There are however, two rose bushes in Cari's garden, a rich yellow one which I gave to her when we moved from our beloved Rose House in 2012, and a purple hybrid that I have to her on 'my' birthday. Isn't that a neat way to celebrate? Both are fragrant.

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