Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It was the 21st of June this past Saturday, and it was the longest day of the year. With the setting of the sun and the turn of the clock each day hereafter is progressively briefer once again. Christine and I drove in that rich Pacific air to Crescent Beach and parked our Miata on the Beach. We took out our lawn chairs, binoculars and Squires coffee to await the sunset.

A couple of yachts anchored in the Bay with friends aboard sitting, chatting and sipping vino on the water. Over our heads the periodic flight of aircraft made their arc toward the distant Vancouver airport, talking them over the ring of mountains that silhouetted the distant Burnaby skyscrapers at the skyline.

Sometimes we bring a novel to the beach and other times, like this one, we write our own. In front of us a young couple with a small child and a professional photographer and his assistant made memories. A well-chosen moment and location. Standing at a wood rail fence, they were profiled dramatically against the sea and the sunset sky. She was young and lovely and very slim, and we surmised their story. These were pre-marriage or wedding shots and this was a second marriage for him because her body had never experienced childbirth. As they moved their photo session further to the right and away from us they joined their party of friends and family.

The sky was now transformed into a canvas of sweeping theatrical brilliance as distant clouds reflected the yellows, oranges and reds. We waited, we walked, we talked and we appreciated the three-hour light display. Then packed up we drove to tomorrow and a shorter daylight. The circle of life.

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