Monday, June 23, 2014


‘Surrey Doors Open’ was the title of the Saturday event for either City Centre, Bear Creek, Newton or Cloverdale. We drove into Cloverdale and spent some hours doing a walkabout on a lovely sunny day.

Outside all shops, proprietors were displaying products or inviting visitors inside for a look around. Fraser Downs had a tractor pull. There were free bus rides and the Cloverdale train was operating and we took a wee ride. 

The Museum, RCMP main Office, the Archives Building, and Kwantlen College were open to spectators. Cloverdale Branch No.6 celebrated Legion Week by showing authentic military equipment. A tank rolled over a car to show its weight and power, then motored past us, with exhaust spewing out fuel oil that splatted our clothes with oil spots that were permanently converted into work duds. Costly day despite one-dollar hot dogs, yet a day to remember for next year, when we must bring the grandchildren. There is so much to see and to do. JUNE 21 2014

Christine even got to sit in the front seat of the cruiser with Special Constable D. Prakash of District 6.  

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