Saturday, June 24, 2017


Today my 3 grandsons & I had supper together & saw CARS 3 @ Colossus. In 2008 Ryan & Jayden and Kale were small as I told them a story (painting is on my wall), & today 2017 Kale & Jayden (cousins), are 12 and Ryan is 14. Jayden graduated from gr7 last night & Kale graduates next Tues. Both will go to Lord Tuidsmeer HS in Sept with Ryan.  

Yes, I can’t help it ... the summer sun is out in full for the next many days and that means sunsets, so the 3 of us, Christine, Miata and me will be out & about, oh maybe 4 of us, include Siri. “Take me to Steveston,” I say and she replies, “it will be my pleasure. Follow me.

At the Honeybee Centre for High Tea this afternoon. What a lovely treat, Kadence and Nana enjoying after school time together. They drove there in the sportscar convertible.  

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