Friday, June 30, 2017


Christine & I can enjoy anything ... Burnaby appointment with a heart specialist, convertible ride home, stop for a Famosa pizza on the terrace, delish.

 We are at the time of life when we still are surprised but shouldn’t be, that our remarkably designed human bodies that have functioned flawlessly and reliably for 7 decades begin to demonstration the predictable attrition of wear.

There is often a choice to be made. Dr. Tung identified it for us yesterday. Christine had an ablation treatment two months ago to correct a heart flutter. It was successful. What remains are some symptoms of atrial fibrillation, occasional but fleeting rapid heart rate. He could do another ablation treatment, this time more invasive, inside the heart rather than on the outside as before.

He asked Christine whether these occasional episodes impeded her life, that is, stop her from doing the things she desires. She replied, “No.” He said,  “well, then let’s just leave things as they are.” She was content to agree. It’s a matter of coping with what is, until another choice must be made. We drove home in the MX5, top down, hot summer air around us, open sky with high scattered cirrus clouds. Said hello to three grandsons, Ryan, Jayden and Kale. Then the two of us carried on to Famosa on 24th Ave, south Surrey and found the coolest, shadiest corner table on the patio and enjoyed a girlfriend and boyfriend supper date.

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