Friday, October 3, 2008

Local Newspaper Article - The Cloverdale Reporter

I spoke with a friend the other day who retired earlier than I did yet he is still working almost fulltime in ministry areas and he is deeply satisfied. For over 40 years I have enjoyed the satisfaction of helping people, comforting, counselling, and teaching. Leadership has been a major concentration. During all these years I have received strong affirmation and appreciation. For this I have been grateful. For the past three months I have devoted my attention to predictable activities of a retired guy, sports car driving, beach walking, garden chores, golf or nothing in particular. I have also spent a lot of time painting. Imagine my pleasure to receive a call from a news columnist requesting time to interview me for an article. The piece would describe my transition from pastoring to painting. The article by Christine Lyon of the Cloverdale Reporter was published on September 21st 2008. What a neat experience for me to receive recognition of my revived painting interests. It has been good exposure within our community.

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