Friday, October 24, 2008

#1 TEE AT SUNRISE 18X36 in, acrylic on canvas, Collection of Sunrise Executive Golf Course

Today I will present to the owners of the Sunrise Executive Golf Course, my finished commissioned painting. I intended it to hang in their clubhouse as well as be useful for marketing pieces. I wanted to capture something that would immediately identify to golfers, the location of this course. The first tee presents a unique and picturesque vantage point - unique because of the power lines under which the course is designed and picturesque because of Langley City in the valley and Mount Baker in the distance to the south. On a busy and sunny August Saturday afternoon, the tee box was crowded. The golfer was in position and must have felt the pressure. All eyes were on him.

This is what I am doing with my life and with great delight. There is something very gratifying and energizing to work on projects, watch their development and then see their completion. They aren't complete until I say they are. When I feel that I don't want to apply one more brushstroke, I leave it sitting on the easel for a few days looking at it every chance I get, and when confident that it is done, I apply the varnish coats to the acrylic paint surface. Now it is ready for everyone to see.

The process is not at all unlike what God is doing to me. He has been taking 66 years to work on me and he is apparently not finished. Even I notice there has been a great deal of improvement, definition, addition of colour and contrast. He is into realism. He alone will decide when I am complete and then I will be ready for presentation.

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