Friday, February 20, 2009

A Good hair Day

I have been convincingly bald since the age of 26 when I had only wisps of hair on top. I believe that I am going to have a full head of hair again.

What do you pay for a haircut these days. I have to ask because I haven’t been to a barber or a hair salon in maybe, forty years. Christine and I became convinced that long ago, at a time that we didn’t have two discretionary pennies to rub together, that she could adequately trim my hair – the hair that I had. (This is not me in the photo but a stand-in). So we have eliminated this expense all this time. She has mastered the art of the simple cut on a bald guy. I am satisfied and it never cost me any friends or jobs. And candidly, when I have seen some of the do’s that come out of salons I see money mis-spent.

So, the other day Christine had me on a kitchen stool with a towel around my neck and she was barbering my straggly ends. I said I wanted it short, saves me time, feels neat, and grows quickly. As she cut she said, the hair on the top is so long. I said that I knew that and that I have to plaster it down with gunk. She asked me what I wanted her to do with them (the pronoun signifies that the number of hair is still relatively few). I told her to cut them off. She told me that she thinks the hair is growing – that there is more hair there now than there has been for a while. I said, “wouldn’t that be amazing, for me to grow a full head of hair at my age.”

I knew a man who wore eye glasses for many years, and then one day I saw him without the specs and he told me his doctor examined him and he didn’t need the glasses any longer. He believed God had restored his vision to 20/20. And there you have it – the foundation for my conviction that without resorting to the Hair Club for Men or toupees or any artificial follicle inducement, God is going to give me a restored head of hair.

If you see me wearing a baseball cap, it’s either because I have a game that afternoon or my hair hopes have blown in the wind.

Really cute bald slapstick video

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