Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On Display in MP Suhk Dahliwal's Office

Surrey Arts Council invited artists to offer to hang paintings in some public offices. I inquired further and was told that Member of Parliament Suhk Dahliwal’s Surrey Office suite required eight paintings. So, I have my paintings on display in this moderately busy office where many from the Indo-Canadian community in particular come for consultation and counsel.

One of the themes that I have chosen to paint is the agricultural work being done in the lower mainland. In recent decades farm ownership has changed. Many Asian families and more predominantly Indo-Canadian families have purchased these produce and fruit farms. This is noteworthy to an artist because of the striking imagery of bamboo hats and turbans among the vines and fields and atop tractors working the land.

I recently painted three paintings that capture these diligent workers and enterprising businesspeople. Painting them has also caused me to do some research on who these new farm owners and workers are, where they have come from, and what kind of Canadians they are. This information is exhilarating and encouraging. We are a pluralistic country and proudly so.

I was told that quite possibly someone coming into Mr. Dahliwal’s office might want to purchase these paintings. I would of course love that.

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