Thursday, February 5, 2009

IT'S CLEARING 20X24 in, acrylic on canvas, $300 unframed; $400 framed

This is a scene of the White Rock marina at the end of the pier. It was an overcast morning but the skies were promising fair weather and at least a couple of sailors were out early preparing to leave their mooring.

Technically this painting was one severe pain. The perspectives were ridiculously challenging. At one stage it sat for weeks untouched on my easel because I couldn't summon the courage to try to correct what I didn't like. In fact I couldn't identify what was throwing me off. It is as finished now as I will make it but I am still not satisfied with the outcome. Doing it again I would do it differently, design it differently and use different strokes. I suppose that can be said about most paintings other than the exceptional ones, which are perfect and you know it. Other people have said they think this is nice work so I will live with it. My challenge was the angle from which I was trying to render this scene, standing on the deck of the pier looking down and with the dock slanting away from me at an angel toward the far shore and the many boats tethered together. It was too complex a painting for me at this stage. I will do a better job next time I am certain but I will limit my subject.

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