Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 12 - Dinner last night at le Bistro

I am sorry that I haven't written more here. I must tell you that it is very important to understand the full menu when ordering food. Last night I ordered Rognol de veau grillé, thinking that I understood. Well I did understand veau (veal) and grillé (grilled). It is important not to ignore principle words like rognol. I received something that was unrecognizable, awkward looking and unattractive. It was convoluted lumps of something that smelled to me like wet diaper. It had the texture of soft leather. I tried it, a little more and then left it. The lady next to us informed me after consulting her pocket dictionary, that it meant kidney. Now I looked forward to dessert which was good. Talk to you soon again. Thank you for commenting. I cannot respond freely on borrowed french keyboards. Au revoir.


  1. Oh no!!!!!!! Yuck!!!!!
    I hope you didn't go to bed hungry!

    Glad you 2 are having a good time!

  2. If "rognons de veau" are not to your liking, then stay away from "rognons blanc" (bull's testicles) !!!

    But "riz de veau" (sweetbreads) are delicious.


  3. They may be delicious to some palates but will also avoid those David.