Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 4 - More About Our New Home

I mentioned that the apartment first floor has a sitting area, dining area and corner kitchen that leads out to a small south-facing terrace. Look, it is set with our morning tea cups. The southern exposure means sunshine at this spot all day long. That's a church (e'glise) in the courtyard background.

The second floor consists of an oak-beamed bedroom with a small ensuite bathroom that has shower, tub and sink and toilet. Most of the furnishings, antiques, art pieces and books were left by the previous owners, a Parisian couple of writers and editors.

There is a comfortable bed, a satellite TV and, really handy, NOT! - an audio cassette player with a large collection of taped music. Who plays this hardware anymore? Oh yeah! We do!


  1. Could you make room for two more?? Please??

  2. Yeah! Looks like you had another sunny & beautiful day!!!
    Everything is good here at home! Love you both!