Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 6 - The Pleasure of Village of Life

The village has an outstanding Renaissance chateau. Fully restored, it is open to the public and houses an arts foundation which sponsors cultural events throughout the year. And my heart soars because the village also has several art galleries. By the way I did bring my own paints with me to do quick sketches or more extended pieces, using acrylics so they dry quickly and are easily transportable. It is not a busy time or season particularly but there is still a bustle to the village life, and there are café terraces, a great weekly market and games of boules.

The surrounding hilly countryside is very pretty, and the backroads and paths are great to roam, whether on foot, mountain bike or horseback. We are walkers. Within a 10 minutes' drive there is rock-climbing, canoeing and swimming. The first two we are not likely to do. There are also wineries and various organic food producers to visit.

Did I mention the steep alleyways in parts of the city but walking around is the only way to get a true sense of it. To the innate charm of the village there is added the legacy left by famous people. Philippe de Girard was the inventor of the sewing machine for linen and other inventions as well. Apparently fellow villages didn't understand the man's temparament of excentricities and forced him into exile from his native town. Laurent Vibert was educated and became the admired patron of the arts. He acquired a castle and turned it into a home for things spiritual and a haven of friendship where the nation's art and thought could be preserved. Henri Bosco and Albert Camus were attracted to the village because of him. Their graves are in the village cemetery.

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  1. Beautiful! I'd love to go walking down those streets too!