Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Fall Into Grace


A Fall Into Grace

I heard it today
a confidant informed me of a moral failure
not his but that of someone we both know.
A blow, no other way to define it
an injurious wound on wife, on family, on friends,
On himself because he knows his reputation has been impaired.
His trustworthiness is in question.
Their wedding had been a sacred day.
His wife had embraced forever the heart of his vows
The words of his exclusive promise he dishonored.
A couple of episodes of surrender to lust
culminating a pattern of loose thoughts and glances
and everything could be lost now
but it’s not!

He confessed to a friend, to his wife, his family, and finally to his world,
the people he works with, the people he cares about, the people he helps.
And they, all of them to a person are dealing grace and forgiveness
much as their Father has,
and this loving treatment of a sorrowing lover
will redeem this situation, these relationships, this man
and he will work and serve again
and give God glory.

Copyright Ron Unruh 2009

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