Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 18 - Dordogne - visiting Sarlat and nearby Cave Drawings

Sarlat is 35 kms away from the Duckhouse. It is a wonderfully quaint city with a well known and busy weekly market seen here.

Cave Drawings
In the Perigord Noir within a 20 km radius of the city of Sarlat there are hundreds of caves with prehistoric sites with drawings, even theme parks. Several that we find attractive are the following.

Lascaux II was closed since 1963 because of algae and calcite and then in the past ten years demanding restorative work was done in parts of the cave. The reason for visiting these is the restored wall paintings.

Cap Blanc offers three dimensional friezes featuring almost life-sized horses that seem to jump out of the wall and the claim is made that these are 13,000 years old.
Font de Gaume contains thirty of the most beautiful cave paintings, most from about 12,000 BC. About a mile south is Les Combarelles, with a profusion of intermingled engravings of many animals, the horse being represented most frequently.

La Roque Saint Christophe is a stronghold in a limestone cliff, occupied from Cro-Magnon to relatively recent times. It features one of the largest natural terraces in Europe, with a great view of the river. Close by is the Prehistoparc, where children can see how life was lived by Cro Magnon. There are good walking trails here.

This is a painting of the town market

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  1. I studied about lascaux when i was a 12year old at my art class. thanks for posting these info