Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 36 - Paris and our new home

We are at home in Paris. This is our first full day here.

Over one year ago, Christine and I made contact with Cheryl Krecsy whose Paris apartment was the subject of a major article in a fashionable home magazine. She is the owner and proprieter of the Little White House in Fort Langley. I began correspondence with her about the rental of her Paris apartment. We met her and her husband Gene and her two other partners in this vacation enterprise. We arranged to rent their place for two weeks, so here we are.

It is called the Countess and there are four units in total and our place opens to a courtyard away from the street. We are located in Montmartre, a delightful part of the city, north of some of the major sites but accessible easily by public transit and mostly as far as we are concerned, by walking.

Here is a peak at our new digs.


  1. OK, this isn't fair anymore, day 36 and you are in now in Paris for two fabulous weeks! I should have looked for cheap airfare, I want to be there too!!!

  2. Hi, I was just searching the web trying to find out how to rent the apartment that I saw in that Country Living article... if possible, would you please convey contact information to I would love to step foot in that space in person, thanks!

  3. I just picked up your note and I happy to send you the information you will need. I will do one better. I am sending your email address to Cheryl Krescy the owner of this quaint gite and she can provide you with the necessary data. Glad to help.