Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 20 - Dordogne area - Foie Gras de Canard (Duck Liver)

Tomorrow, Friday, is market day. We love the town markets. They sell everything a person needs. BY THE WAY, I DID GET MY BERET.

Here is a picture of Velouté de foie gras de canard, (which is a very thick, creamy foie gras (duck liver) soup). We are in foie gras country. I used to enjoy calves' liver for a meal. Sort of got turned off in later years when I let my mind contemplate what exactly I was eating. So here we are in the area where ducks and geese are force fed in order to develop the biggest, healthiest livers in fowl that once can. The process is called gavage, and hoses are placed humanly, we are told, down a goose neck, to fill and fatten the bird and its liver. Then the livers are harvested, and I guess the rest of the gooses and ducks too. But the livers become rendered into foie gras, the speciality spread for crackers. Well it's actually more sophisticated than that. Goose lives is the best apparently, smooth and refined. I bought and have eaten duck liver, cheaper, and a bit stronger in flavour. That was 5 euros which is about $7.50 CA. But Goose Foie Gras Entier, the actual liver itself is very expernsive and a small jar may be 25 euros. Christine doesn't like the taste of this at all, so it is all mine. I have had about enough of it myself.

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