Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 28 - Cari's and Tim's Anniversary Today as we Ferry to Guernsey

This is my daughter Cari's and my son in law Tim's eleventh wedding anniversary today. Again for this family event Christine and I are far away but we remember nonetheless the wonderful memories of their wedding day and rejoice with them in their marriage and their family with three children.

I will remember as long as I have a memory the day that my only and beautiful daughter, with blue eyes and blonde hair, wore white and held an extraordinary floral bouquet, and stood caressing my arm while waiting for the anticipated and carefully selected sounds from the soundtrack of The Mission. (Hear ENNIO MORRICONE conducting The Mission (2007 UN Headquarters). Four Vancouver Symphony guest musicians sat at the front of our wedding auditorium that afternoon playing prelude music and then this magnificent score. I listened to it many times before that day, often alone in my car and thinking tearfully of the moment I would walk with her. On that day, her determination was my strength. A dad much in love with his girl, brought her to meet her man, her fiancee soon to be husband waiting with the words "I do." I even made the pronouncement to them that they were now husband and wife.

As Christine and I spend our last day and evening in this quaintest of port towns I bless you both and express our love for you.

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  1. Dad, I remember that perfect day so well too. Our special moment at the back of the church ... I treasure it deeply.
    I love you both very much.

    Tim & I were able to go away this past weekend and had a wonderful, relaxing time together.