Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am being metamorphosed – morphed!

I am not a transformer. What is happening is much slower than a few clicks of my parts to turn me into something I was not before. No, I am being morphed ever so slowly. I am being turned into Yoda the Jedi master in Star Wars.

Look at the similarities.
1. Yoda has countless wrinkles, so do I.
2. Yoda’s hands appear arthritic, so do mine … ouch. In fact he has a three finger hand. I am down to four and a half.
3. Yoda’s hair is thin and wispy; Christine trims what’s left of mine.
4. Yoda’s stature is well, diminutive, and I am shrinking.
5. Yoda can wear that homely mantle/shawl all day, and I get buy with a sweatshirt and denims.
6. Yoda doesn’t shave, and I, not much.
7. Yoda doesn’t wear glasses, and neither do I at night.
8. Yoda’s ears are huge, and mine are growing at an alarming rate, 0.22 mm per year. Don’t laugh! So are yours.
9. Yoda’s spoken language places the subject and verb at the end of the sentence. “Speak like Yoda I do.”
10. I can hardly understand what Yoda is saying. My hearing is getting so bad I can hardly understand what anyone is saying.

But that’s where the similarities break down. I won’t live as long as Yoda did. He was 900 years old when I first met him and he had trained Jedi for eight centuries. Along my briefer journey I should experience some hearing loss at higher frequencies and loss of visual focus due to loss of eye elasticity. My heart will decrease its output and that may increase my blood pressure. I won’t be able to breath as deeply as before. My sleep will be interrupted. I will become more susceptible to infection. My skin will become dry and thin and my bones may break more readily and my reaction time will diminish. My mobility and range of motion will decrease. My bladder capacity and kidney function will decrease. Sweet! In Yoda speak, “like him exactly I am not. A bloomin treat getting older is not.”

Oh and here is another dissimilarity. Yoda taught Luke Skywalker how to "farsee" into the future. I can’t farsee but I still know the future albeit in a limited way. That’s because I have God’s book. The nature and quality of what God has prepared for me, I cannot even imagine and no one can tell me about it because no one has seen it or heard about it. But Jesus has certainly made me excited about it. He told me that nothing less than a home in God’s kingdom was being prepared for me.
So I am going to fight the good fight.

That little green guy Yoda was quite the fighter. Click here to look at a Yoda video clip.

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