Monday, December 29, 2008

My Painting as a Christmas Gift

I am thrilled. Long before Christmas, Kae called me to inquire about one my paintings. Kae is the daughter of a college prof I had 45 years ago. She was a few years old when I knew her then. Occasionally her father and mother invited students into their home. She recalls that I taught her to draw sea horses in which she was interested.

She and her brother now wished to purchase a mountain scene she had found on my online gallery website. It was to be a Christmas present to their parents. By now they have unwrapped it. Do you know how much fun this has been for me?

For forty years I have been involved in church work using skills to which Kae’s dad contributed. He taught me New Testament studies. Now after my fulfilling career as a pastor one of my paintings from my retirement period will hang in his home. Although living in the United States now, my former prof is familiar with and loves the Rockies. This view was one of many that I found along the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Banff, Alberta. This highway is an endless chain of paintable roadside scenes. Glaciers sit cold atop these majestic mountains and melt water makes its way through timbered mountainsides to the remarkable lake water below.

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