Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Accolade for a 'Great' Grandma

Christine is a creative woman, my wife. She doesn’t give herself enough credit. And she loves deeply, which when combined with imagination results in joyous surprises for others. At our grandson Jayden’s fourth birthday a couple of weeks ago after the predictable gifts with wheels from small car to bicycle, Christine gave him a package of coupons. He can’t read so his big sister read them each in turn.

“This coupon entitles JJ to a walk at the beach and an ice cream cone at Andy’s”
“This coupon entitles JJ to an afternoon at Grandpa and Grandma’s for a movie and popcorn.”
“This coupon entitles JJ to an overnight at Grandpa and Grandma’s.”
“This coupon entitles JJ to an afternoon with Grandma to do some baking.”

To our surprise he understood each one and cheered lustily as he anticipated what they meant. He has two siblings whom he loves but these coupons meant specialized time for him alone with Grandma and Grandpa doing things that thrill him.

So here is the total invoice for this gift.
One loonie for an ice cream cone and a toonie for the fuel to get to White Rock.
A toonie for microwave popcorn.
A loonie for fuel to pick JJ up and bring him to our home.
A toonie for the ingredients for a Ginger Bread house which JJ and Christine are planning to bake and to decorate on Tuesday afternoon.
Memories – priceless.

I love JJ’s Grandma.

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  1. I love JJ's Grandma too!!! ;)
    He had a great time this afternoon - and it now quite high on sugar!! Thanks so much for that!