Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ottawa Government Crisis - Possible Conservative Defeat and an Unelected Coalition Government

They have done it. Liberals, NDP and the Bloc have agreed to bring down the newly elected Conservative government and have signed an accord that will establish a Liberal/NDP coalition government with Marcel Dion as the 23rd prime minister of Canada. Canada did not want him on October 14th nor has his own party wanted to retain him as its leader. In fact he promised to step down on May 2nd 2009. The cabinet will have 24 members, six of whom must be NDP MP’s and the Finance Minister will be Liberal. The Bloc’s responsibility is to vote with the coalition on matters of confidence for the next eighteen months. At what price have the NDP and Liberals linked arms when their triumph requires alliance with separatists whose raison d’ĂȘtre is dividing the country. This coalition will have to give Duceppe anything he wants because once in power, the coalition is dependent upon the Bloc to stay in power. Liberals and NDP have a combined total of 114 seats opposed by 143 Conservatives. The Bloc holds the power.

This is a dishonorable partnership fueled by opportunity and the scent of power and its determination appears unalterable. It has been forged with allegations that Harper cannot be trusted when in truth it was Dion who on election night said to this country, “The Canadian people have spoken today and chosen another Conservative government.” He further said, “We Liberals will do our part responsibly to make sure that this Parliament works.” Whose dishonesty screams at Canadians now?

I concede that Stephen Harper and his Conservatives blundered by presenting an economic update that postponed economic stimulus but injected a provocative plan to remove party subsidies and MP salary raises and thereby stick it to the opposition. Oh there was some merit in their proposals but they showed bad judgment. It was not the hill to die upon. However, would Canadians ever desire as the penalty, their removal from power and insertion of an unelected government led by a person who was soundly rejected by electors.

What could possibly be less effective or more chaotic for us than a government led by Dion and this slapdash cabinet until he will be replaced in spring 2009 following a Liberal leadership election so that Bob Rae or Michael Ignatieff become Dion’s successor. And this accord has been signed to be effective until June 30, 2011 and during all that time our country’s convulsive government will be contingent upon the caprice of separatists who do not prioritize Canada’s interests and wellbeing.

On this particular day, a confidence vote is scheduled for Monday December 8th. The options open to Harper include the possible consent by Governor General Michelle Jean to grant Prorogue – suspension of Parliament until Conservatives return with a new budget in early January 2009, or dissolution of Parliament so that another general election can be held, or as Coalition members are hoping, invitation to Liberals to form a government with coalition partners.

This is one of the most disgraceful political emergencies in our Canadian history.

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  1. I totally agree with your observation and wonder how anyone could think otherwise,yet CTV survey was only 60%-40% against the coalition action. Sad state of affairs.