Saturday, March 14, 2009


It was my youngest granddaughter’s second birthday yesterday. Her mommy and daddy hosted a supper birthday party at her home last night to which family and friends with other little and noisy children came. It was clear that she understood this was her day. She fully possessed the moment, posing, smiling for the camera, insisting upon opening her own presents even though several other children were all eager to rip wrappings, blowing out two candles with a single puff.

She is a cuddler. She comes to me with ease and climbs aboard my lap, lays her head on my chest and loves me. We will walk for long times together, her head on my shoulder as I sing nonsensical songs while she tucks into my warmth and the reverb of my voice. We are a good match.

I reprise a poem that I posted months ago about her and her mom, my much loved daughter in law Gina.


Long awaited she came, first a wife for a son
Then a daughter for them both
A sister for their boy.
She let me enter that chamber
Where birth happens and is seen,
Not usually by fathers in law
But on this occasion I was there.
I saw Kadence come into the world
A new sight for older eyes
Another life to love and nurture.
And now on one of those following days
The two girls sleep
Gina and her child.
'Kadence' meaning “with rhythm”
Is rarely given
So Kadence with a K she is
A strident girl, a girl with a voice
A girl who will be heard
A girl who will sing and laugh
And make parents proud
And give grandparents joy.
They sleep now, one only days old
But soon we will wonder where the years went.

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