Monday, March 30, 2009

More than Gold

When athletes and countries come to British Columbia next spring 2010 it will be to compete for the purpose of securing ‘gold’ in a variety of winter sports. The Winter Olympics are coming here. A gold medal will gratify a recipient for a lifetime.

What could be of greater value than gold? Is there something that can reward the recipient well beyond the end of life? ‘More Than Gold’ has been employed to express Christian Witness at other major sporting venues. In fact, the history of the phrase dates back to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games and since then it has been used at Commonwealth, Pan Am and Olympic Games. Global Events Group is a non profit organization that was mandated to coordinate the cooperative efforts of Christian communities at major sporting events around the world. MTG (More than Gold) communicates that the Christian community is present.

Within our wide community there is a strong and vibrant motivation among people and in churches to move from isolation to working together in ways that will surely result in a sharing of faith and good news with visitors from other lands that will change lives forever.

You can check out More Than Gold here.

Not only will there be hundreds of events and programs scheduled during the games but long-term strategies are being planned to follow this unified effort which may help to transform our own cities and others too.

Critics will always be critical but this Kingdom effort makes more sense than sitting on one’s duff.

That's Cindy Klassen with five golds and she will be letting people know about her relationship with Jesus Christ.

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