Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At the Beach

I did this quick watercolour the other day. A pencil sketch first on an 8X10 inch sheet and then I applied watercolour paint. Once my favourite medium, I have not painted a watercolour picture in years. This one probably looks like I need a refresher course. I do enjoy this medium and I enjoyed painting this small piece. I want to do more of it. That inspiration came from watching some of the best watercolourists in the world during my travels in France. Watercolour is called aquarelle in France.

Watercolour permits some refreshing and spontaneous effects. Since the paints flow and since you can let colours bleed into one another, the many resultant soft edges produce an impression rather photographic realism, at least when I use them. On the other hand one can also achieve precise lines by preventing the flow of colours. Didier Brousse is a master watercolourist who lives in Lourmarin where Christine and I lived for two weeks in April 09. His work is extraordinarily marvelous. His reputation and international sales have enabled him to charge superstar prices for his paintings. He has his own gallery in Lourmarin, an out of the way Luberon town, yet one that is frequented by tourists. I cannot refer you to internet ogling of his work since his website is in development and crazily there is a French photographer with the identical name so Googling picks up his references. Try as I did, there was only one site that had an image of one of his paintings, and certainly not one of his best.

I have found Mary Penley Fine Artists online gallery that shows some of his work.
The final photo is of Brousse's own studio in Lourmarin. I spent some time there relishing his craft.


  1. I love your watercolors.

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