Monday, June 15, 2009


Church is God’s idea.
Church is Christ’s body on earth. The term ‘body’ refers to the collective of believing people who represent Christ and his values on this planet since he has ascended to his father’s side.

The inherent weakness of the identity rests in the limitations of the human creature. A believer is not a perfect creation, but a being undergoing a spiritual makeover which began with a spiritual birth – a conversion.

I have seen that weakness once again today. Oh, of course, some days I myself am the primary exhibitor of human weakness. I admit that. Today however, I have seen the Church in its weakness.

Humans who love Jesus but who are out of harmony with one another for frivolous reasons. And that is what makes me ache today. Christ’s body is ailing. It needs help. Not the entire body of Christ, but a cell of it, a local congregation. It’s not easily diagnosable as swine flu but something bad is happening. It’s just that we wallow in consumerism, wanting the church and its leadership and its services to fit our requirements. When it doesn’t we do not get along with everyone within the body. That’s what hurts me today.

I am not even a pastor any longer. More of an onlooker, a supporter, an advocate. Yet I feel the pain again, as once I did when leading a church. And I am saddened for Christ’s sake that his body will not function as he would have it.

It is time to pray. Nothing short of the intervention of God himself can interrupt this sickness.

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