Monday, June 29, 2009

It’s a Good Thing I am not Pregnant

Some of you have been helpful to me with your advice regarding my osteoarthritis. The osteo was a pain even before we left for France on April 19th. At the Marseilles airport we picked up our rental vehicle. We saved $400 by contracting a manual transmission. However, I was concerned that my arthritic hands would get overused with the constant shifting right hand and the wheel gripping left hand. I found that I was soon accustomed to the exercise and I felt fine.

A couple of days ago I expressed my disappointment that my hands constantly ache and impede my painting. I purchased something called Voltaren and was not thrilled with what I read about its potential side effects. Someone recommended Arthrotec. I did some online research of both products and potentially the cure may be worse than the disease. Each contains something called diclofenac sodium and that appears to cause a few users some grief.

It was little comfort to read in the preface that “Side effects can be mild or severe, temporary or permanent.” What kind of caution is that? Common side effects are • diarrhea • gas • heartburn and some less common are • abnormal vision • acne • change in taste sensation • decreased appetite • dry mouth • irritability or nervousness • loss of hair • muscle pain • decrease in sexual ability • tingling, burning, or prickling sensations • trembling or shaking • trouble swallowing • vaginal bleeding.

There is also a warning that “if any of these symptoms occur contact your doctor immediately: black, tarry stools , bleeding or crusting sores on lips, blood in urine or stools, bruises or red spots on the skin, chest pain, chills, confusion, continuing thirst, convulsions (seizures), cough or hoarseness, disorientation, drowsiness, fainting, fever with or without chills, fluid retention, general feeling of illness, heartburn or indigestion, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased weight gain, itching of the skin, irregular heartbeat, large, flat, blue, or purplish patches on the skin, lightheadedness or dizziness.” We should be specially cautious if we are seniors or pregnant. It’s a good thing I am not pregnant. I used Voltaren for three days and stopped it feeling sure that I was experiencing at least ten of the above symptoms. My imaginative mind is active.

Someone else wrote to me about the use of therapy gloves designed to relieve arthritic pain. I found some and bought the right hand. I slipped it on and told the druggist “I feel like Michael Jackson.” Then upon quick reflection on Michael's death that morning I corrected, “No, on second thought I don’t feel like Michael.” The fabric contains ceramic fibre which reflects body heat into tissue and improves blood circulation. I have been wearing it and there is some relief. I simply do not want to ingest stuff for the sake of my hands.(Prolotex Therapy Gloves and ThermoFlow Therapy Gloves)

Many people are receiving help from the two ointment products named above and experiencing none of the side effects.Oh, and I purchased only one hand for now because they are $44 each.

Health Canada's Approval - it is fully endorsed after testing

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