Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Christine and I arrived in Vancouver on Sunday afternoon following a two hour flight from Paris to Frankfurt and a ten hour flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver. Our family of children and grandchildren greeted us at Vancouver International. Oh, it was so good to be welcomed by the ones we love so much. I am pleased to be home. Seven weeks is a long time to be away from home. Christine could have happily remained in France. Small wonder since today she spent her waking hours washing clothes, drying and ironing. Home is equated with work for her. In fact, she returns this week almost immediately, to teaching music and babysitting two of five grandweeones. I am not useless. I did some early morning gardening, serious weeding, soil breaking, fertilizing and watering. I do mean early. Last evening, by the time we enjoyed our children and grandchildren, we hit the pillows at 9:30 pm which meant we had been awake for 24 hours. (Of course during the ten hour Lufthansa flight we each did a movie marathon with the monitors in the seats ahead of us. Four movies and two meals and our eyes were red and Advil hit the spot.) By 12am Monday I was up for a pit stop and then tried to find the sleep cycle once again, and woke once more at 3 am. That was enough. I made coffee and sat at the laptop to play catchup. By 6am I was in the yard with my gardening gloves and I worked my tail off, feeling I had put in a good morning, only to learn that it was still only 8 am. People were just leaving for work. We missed the leisurely Paris/Montmartre walks to to local boulangerie (bakery/cafe) so much, that we strolled this morning to the Wired Monk two blocks away and enjoyed sitting outside with coffee and a treat. We told ourselves we need to do this for ourselves at least once each week. I may share some photos and memories in the days ahead but I feel like I want to comment on some of the conclusions to which I came as I reflected upon my own life, our married life, the faiths that command the attention of the masses, the cruelty within our world, the cultures in different places, the sadness of some people and the generosity of others.

(One of my Photos of the Louvre Museum)


  1. Murray and DianeJune 9, 2009 at 6:31 AM

    Welcome home. We can't wait to see more of your pictures, hear your voices and listen to your stories.
    Have a great day - and you can call us anytime after five a.m. your time :}.
    Love, M and D

  2. Hi Ron & Christine,

    Welcome home! Glad to hear that coffee and pastry is a renewed priority in your lives! Think I'll join you in that!!
    Lord Bless you and keep you today.
    Dan in McBride

  3. Thank you for the welcome back Murray and Diane in St. Kitts and Dan in McBride. We did have a wonderful holiday. So much to remember. So much to miss. So many reasons to return there. So much need to play the lottery here, oops!

  4. I reiterate with Diane blessings on a great trip and safe journey home. As the sirens scream by me while I'm emailing, safe arrival is an understatement. while Di has been our spokesperson, I have kept up with your daily blogs. Been swept away, lonely not to experience with you, and jealous of what you have experienced without me. Isn't the world a wonderful place. History is such tool to learning and understanding and experiencing history is such a tool to becoming who we are meant to be. That's a quote from mystic Murray,a drone from the mysterious age . You can quote me.