Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 47 - I remember my Mom

My mother passed away in November 2007 but I cannot help to remember that June 4th was her birthday. She was born in 1919 so she would have been 90 years of age this birthday. Mom was a good lady, a lover of family, a woman unafraid of hard work, underprivileged with formal education yet a person with leadership skills and a capacity to learn and to influence people to achieve an effective result. She was a phenomenal cook, who ran a catering business from her home, authored and published a cook book which my children still use. She loved one man all her life and together they enjoyed a life together until he mind slipped so much that he had to agree to let her be housed in a care facility and life changed forever for them. Ed (Dad)was four years older than Tina. After she was gone, he lived six more months and left at the age of 93.


  1. Murray and DianeJune 6, 2009 at 6:39 AM

    We celebrated her 88th birthday two years ago, with fancy sandwiches and nibbles of lovely food...a professionally decorated cake...a rose wrist corsage. She loved the food, enjoyed the little party even though she was not able to engage in conversation. When I tucked her back in her room, she clearly and quietly said, "Thank you for everything you did." Her verbal expression of gratitude was so surprising it brings tears to my eyes.
    We celebrate her memory and the positive values of a life well lived. Much love to you and Chris, M and D

  2. Thanks you two. We love you both.