Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am Learning not to Over Analyze Everything

I quote the following highlighted sentence from among the axioms that control the lives of the two global travelers, Cindie and Tim Travis, whom I mentioned in my piece about loving my stuff yesterday.

We needlessly complicate the world around us by over analyzing everything until we find faults and become angry.

I believe that line reflects the lifestyles into which we have evolved inside the North American urban/suburban circle. Closely connected to this observation is the realization that together we are a consumer society and individually consumerism dictates our choices.

For the business community these two social traits spell money because people will constantly over examine where and how they are living and will want more and better things. Objective social consideration informs me that these two traits produce a toxic formula for human interaction. People complicate their marriages, their own happiness, their church community, and many things by over analyzing and then becoming dissatisfied, upset and even angry because they want something different, newer, better.

Last week Christine said that she felt I had finally adjusted to being retired. Perhaps she is right. It took almost one year. For an intense, driven guy, being laid back didn’t come easily, but I like it. Today, I painted my son’s kitchen, peddled for a long bicycle ride with my grandson, sat and napped on the couch while watching the US Open, and may cruise with Christine in the convertible. It all seems so right and good. I will increasingly simplify my life. I will be content.


  1. Ron:

    Thanks for the write up on your great blog. That quote was taken from an article I wrote explaining how we came to travel for the rest of our lives and what we have learned from it. see (

    I will subscribe and keep up with what you are up to.

  2. Well you are very kind Tim. I am amazed by your life choices and determination. I will try to keep up with you and Cindie as well.

  3. Oh Ron - how well I know that tendency to over analyze - I actually had a friend tell me once - 'you are going to ruin this by trying to analyze everything'.
    It is that B word again - balance - desiring to live an examined life and make choices that reflect my true self and values, being self aware without being self absorbed. BBBBut bbbalance is sooo hard.
    Another friend of mine said 'Godliness with contentment is great gain.'
    Because of your blog, I'll probably spend the day analyzing that statement while contently working in my garden.

  4. Diane, thanks for understanding note, requiring no analysis, merely application.