Monday, April 9, 2012



It was Easter Weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I enjoyed it all – all except the time just before ten o’clock when I had an episode that required Christine to call 911 and paramedics came racing to my aid.

I don’t know what brought this on. I was at my laptop in my art room and Christine was watching her recorded movie. I suddenly felt disoriented and got up to correct the sensation. I have been accustomed to low blood sugar experiences, dizziness, weak spells, but this was more pronounced. I moved to the kitchen just steps away in our new smaller home, looking I suppose for a drink or something to eat that would dispel the mental confusion. But my mind was not clear. I couldn’t help myself and I recall calling to Christine to help me. The next moment I remember is looking up at her face as she spoke on the phone to the 911 service operator. Somehow she had managed to help me get safely to the floor. My mind cleared soon after I thought. I could not remember what happened and still can’t remember beyond the moment I called to her. I wanted to get back up. She insisted that I stay on the floor which is where the paramedics spoke to me, helped me up, took a blood glucose test and a few other tests, spoke sympathetically and went on their way, promising to return for me if I needed to call once again. Christine has been traumatized once again. This wasn’t a seizure as in grand mal as I once had in Edmonton in 2005. Merely a wee nap. I likely shattered my blood sugar stability with careless eating yesterday. I will have a consult with Dr. Blackmore. I will probably have to begin once more to do regular blood sugar testing.

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