Tuesday, April 17, 2012


BILL 22 is an insulting Liberal government imposition upon the teaching profession of B.C. It will exploit educators in order to save educational dollars. It will remove current class size and composition limitations which will impact the teacher interaction with individual students for the sake of reducing the number of necessary teachers and classrooms. It attacks professional autonomy and the prerogative of collective bargaining. It is contextualized within a simulated mediation process overseen by a mediator of the government’s choice and who without a doubt will be supportive of the uncompromisingly combative position by the Liberal government that devalues education and educators by legislatively imposing employers’ demands for teachers to concede with respect to seniority, evaluations, placements, discipline, layoff and dismissal. Parents and the public in general must recognize the offensiveness of this treatment of educators and its prospective affect upon students.

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  1. BCTF love to harp on about how they are 'doing this for the children'. However they don't care at all about unborn children and are totally pro-abortion. They lie when they call themselves 'pro-choice' as they are against health care professionals 'choosing' to obey their conscience and not kill unborn babies or assist with the killing of unborn babies. See details on page 20 in: