Thursday, April 19, 2012


The B.C. Liberal government is using legislation to circumvent collective bargaining. That’s the manner by which this purportedly democratic party, this avowedly pro-family premier and her ministers are dealing with the impasse in negotiations with B.C. teachers. It is by the way, an impasse generated by an outlandishly wrong-headed handling of educators, offering no increases of any kind and numerous other demands for concessions by teachers. There are matters of great importance to teachers, such as class sizes and staffing levels which are being disregarded; and matters that are important to boards of education, such as teachers’ evaluations and management control of the workforce are receiving attention through Bill 22. One would be right to say Bill 22 is a subversion of a bargaining process.

All of us who believe that education of our children and grandchildren is of paramount importance and who also believe that educators are valued members of our society and who make invaluable contributions to our families and our society need to do what we can to encourage our government to seek a resolution to this bargaining impasse, a resolution that respects free collective bargaining and addresses the range of issues that teachers and boards of education are passionate to discuss.

The solution is certainly not one by which the government dictates the outcomes. Resentment is the only resultant outcome of such action.

I believe that the public have to be more than merely listeners to news but proactively telling our government to get it right. Deal fairly and equitably with the teachers who daily invest their lives in the betterment of our families.


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  5. Actually, more and more taxpayers are fed up with the demands of greedy unionists.

    Bill 22 is not a bad apple for taxpayers. It's a bad apple for the greedy BCTF.

    See "BILL 22 IS A BAD APPPLE FOR EVERYONE" comments for more details.

  6. The BCTF has never backed away from asking for substantial wage increases.

    In October 2001, the BCTF tabled a 34% wage increase proposal. They made a minor adjustment to their original position but their resolve remained firm as the spectre of legislative intervention loomed large.

    In September 2005, the BCTF tabled a 22% wage increase proposal.

    And in June 2006, the wage proposal on the bargaining table was 24%.

    These clearly demonstrates that the BCTF is a greedy union.