Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My friend Bill Bonikowsky worked for Youth for Christ for 27.5 years, so when he, a Vancouver Canuck fan learned that a couple of youthful missionaries with YFC in Rwanda had cleverly produced a video, he shared it on Facebook. Tonight is the first game of the first series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Sixteen teams vying for supremacy. Vancouver went all the way to the finals last year and in 60 minutes of play of the seventh game of the final series they sort of, didn't show up. But the Canucks are back. First in their division in the regular season, and first over all other teams in the entire league. So, now as tho none of that mattered, we begin again, with fewer teams qualified to play, but beginning from scratch as it were. No points, no goals for or against. I will be watching with my hockey sweater on to cheer my team. And there in Rwanda, among children who hardly know what skates, a hockey puck, and an ice rink are, these missionaries have spread the gospel and raised a crowd of fans. They actually even convert an Edmonton Oiler into a Canuck fan. What a delightfully fun project for workers far away from their own home. Thanks to Mark Koop and Charlotte Browning, producers (Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited)

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