Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The Closet Guys came on Monday to measure our master bedroom for a custom closet. There is no space in the room for dressers. It will be functional and attractive.

Then the piano movers came with Christine's baby grand. They surveyed the turn in the outside staircase and deduced that they wouldn't be able to make it, but we asked them to try before we had them take it to a local music store for a possible trade-in on an upright. They surprised themselves and made it up into the den where it looks impressive. We have no table at which to eat and no stools for the island and no chairs upon which to sit but we have two love seats and a king size bed and our arts and activities room with our desks. Christine has been exceptionally creative and accepting of the fact that we do not have the kitchen cupboard space to accommodate all of her sets of dishes.

Fine dishes and Christmas dishes remain in boxes in the clean and comfortable crawl spaces. All of my paintings are in boxes in our secure storage unit underground. We actually drove past our house of 20 years the other day and both of us agreed that 5767 185 St. didn't feel like our home. That was proof that a page has been turned.

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